Save Money By Staying At Service Apartments During Your Corporate Visits

Save Money By Staying At Service Apartments During Your Corporate Visits

For business travels or corporate visits, switching to the saving mode gets easy when you stay at service apartments. Find out more by reading this blog.

While the need of travelling becomes more when you are in the corporate sector, you also long for home like comfort away from home, don’t you? Worry not, a number of organisations have come up with service apartments in India and they are the best for corporate travellers who are made to go on business trips too often. Staying in these apartments offer privacy in cosy apartments, and also sort you out with home cooked meals.  You can use the entire apartment according to your own wishes, from sleeping to working to partying, the choice is yours, that too without burning hole in your pocket.  This way, you get the desired amenity and service you would be needing for a comfortable stay.

Here are few ways to save money while you stay at service apartments during business trips.

  • Prepare Own Meal

You get the utmost freedom to enjoy home cooked meal, and stay away from junk food without giving up on your health or dietary restrictions.  The service apartments have fully-furnished kitchens and most of them also offer grocery shopping services. Thus, you can just get your groceries and cook your own meals that save money also.

  • Your Own Laundry

From being equipped with washing machines to offering laundry services, the service apartments lets you do your own laundry and thus you can stay relaxed.

  • Share Expenses And Accommodation

You won’t have any restriction when it comes to room occupancy which is a great problem when you put up in hotels.   Thus, you can stay in a group and share the rooms with co-travellers or colleagues who in turn split all the expenses and also save money easily.

Thus, instead of spending money in hotels for business stays, time to cut your expenses, yet enjoy home like freedom, privacy, comfort and food at the best service apartments.

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4 Points To Keep In Mind Before You Hastily Book A Hotel For Your Dream Holiday

4 Points To Keep In Mind Before You Hastily Book A Hotel For Your Dream Holiday

The increasing trend of going online for everything has several negative impacts on the service we get for the price that we pay. We often tend to ignore the reviews written by certified users and end up making a fool out of ourselves.

Now, when we order some electronic gadget or some outfits, we can compromise with what we got, but how can compromise with a poor quality rented apartment booked online? Now, imagine yourself in a situation where you planned your dream trip to the Bahamas but ended up booking a sub-par hotel at a premium price. We do not want our readers to end up in such a poor situation; this is our attempt to make the lives of our readers a bit easier.

  • Reality Check: We often come across official websites of leading hotels where they promise many facilities at a very reasonable price, but being a first-time visitor how can you know that they do provide what they promise? The best solution one can find is by looking through the reviews written by the previous visitors.
  • At Tempting And Testing Times: If you are one of those frequent travelers, an advert may appear on your internet browser portraying some beautiful hotel rooms and services at an unrealistic price. The basic human instinct will be to instantly book the place without giving much though. We advise our readers to never hastily take any decision, instead check for the last certified review on the official website. In case the date of the last review is more than six months old, steer clear of that place.
  • Getting To Know The Management: While going through the review section one any official website, a lot can be said about the quality of the management in place at the particular hotel. We often find many customers a bit outspoken and often pass lewd or unparliamentarily words while reviewing, the reply to such comments on behalf of the management speaks a lot about the professionalism of the staffs in place.
  • Discover Trends: As the famous saying goes- “Everywhere there is a hidden surprise for you.” This particular quite perfectly sums everything comment section offers while booking a place for your stay. While going through the comment section, we often get suggestion from the previous visitors about some alternative and why they are better than the one you are looking for. The reviews written by them talk about their stay and how their suggestive option is better than the one you initially decided to book.

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Service Apartments are Taking Over Hospitality Industry – How?

Service Apartments are Taking Over Hospitality Industry – How?

Hostels, hotels and different kinds of home-stays are essential elements of hospitality industry. They incorporate new elements in their business to stand out from others. Serviced apartments, though a later addition to the industry, yet have achieved remarkable popularity worldwide. Despite the hotels making new offerings every time, these apartments have become a preferred choice among hospitality establishments. Why are they so successful? Well, there are many reasons behind this.

Lets us find out why serviced apartments are exceeding hospitality industry…


Services are the prime factor that has made these special home-stays so much popular. These are the latest addition to hospitality industry. When there was no other mode of accommodation, hotels were the only option. Congested rooms at expensive price or a complete home with all amenities and working environment and that too at reasonable rate – which one will you prefer? Certainly the second one! These apartments offer an ambiance of virtual office. Wherever you stay in serviced apartments, you have an address of your own, a place to work on your own and moreover, a place which you can call your home.


These home-stays offer freedom and flexibility for which people call them their second home. now, you cannot always have luxury with comfort. Even if you stay at a pricey hotel with all modern amenities, you have to live in a structured manner. Organizing informal event, inviting guests or meeting people might not be possible in a hotel. On the contrary, if you have a temporary home, you can invite guests without any restrictions.


Business travelers are the first to use serviced apartments. Corporate travelers are the chief elements behind the success of serviced apartments. With increasing volume of corporate travels, demand of these accommodations is also increasing and they are frequently visited by customers. In temporary accommodations, people find everything under the same roof.


Dynamic market scenario and lifestyles of modern era, has given rise to nomadic working style. Serviced apartments complement this nomadic working culture. They provide a wonderful balance between life and work, where people can become more productive in today’s vibrant environment and also increase sociability by meeting people. Everything is feasible in such apartments.

Serviced apartments have become quite popular these days because of diverse needs of customers from diverse backgrounds. In a very short time, they seem to supersede hotels and are becoming a perfect alternative accommodation in the hospitality industry.

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The Emergence Of Serviced Apartment May Finally Put End To The Woes Of Frequent Traveler

The Emergence Of Serviced Apartment May Finally Put End To The Woes Of Frequent Traveler

The woes of staying in a hotel room may finally come to an end with the emergence of serviced apartments in the city. This is a piece of welcoming news for frequent travelers who hate to stay in hotel rooms and the associated problems which arise while staying in such a place. Many people who are choosy in their life often hope from one hotel to another until they find that ideal place to cave in.

The emergence of the serviced apartment may put an end to the life of a nomad and made finding quality accommodations easier. A person who is not a frequent traveler may find it hard to understand the difference between a hotel room and a serviced apartment. In this blog, we will try to talk about all the points which make stay in a maintained apartment way better than living in a hotel room.

  • A serviced apartment is a crossover between a hotel room and your home. Imagine facilities such as Housekeeping, Laundry, Cooked Meals, Free wifi, free parking along with privacy, at the comfort of your home. When you decide to book a serviced apartment, you find the key to avoiding awkward encounters with strangers outside your doors to avoiding chaotic noise coming from the corridor or noisy neighbors making quirky sounds in the middle of the night.
  • This is what serviced apartment is; it combines the goodness of hotel minus the flaws of living in a hotel. It brings the best of both the world and gifts you the comfort of home in spite of living away from it for the period.
  • The benefits of living in serviced rooms we have already mentioned but if you still have any doubts regarding picking serviced apartment over hotel rooms here are few other points.
  • If you plan for a short trip meant for business or an extended holiday trip with your family, the serviced apartment can accommodate. The uniformity in the service is another factor provided by them which hotel fails to deliver. In serviced apartments are of the same type, making it very easy for the guest to enjoy his stay.
  • Depending on the purpose of the visit, one can pick a serviced apartment in the middle of nowhere or pick one located in the center of a hustling bustling city. The hotel service fails to deliver this particular service as most of the hotels located in the center of the town.

Serviced apartments or in general term furnished flats is one which is in great demand these days. Hope this piece of information from this blog will help you settle with one!!

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Everything You Need To Know About Serviced Apartments Before Renting Them

Everything You Need To Know About Serviced Apartments Before Renting Them

They may feel like home away from home, but serviced apartments are in fact, fully commercial accommodation facilities that are very similar to hotels. They do however, at any given time, offer 30% more living space than an average hotel room in the same budget or lesser. This makes them much more cost effective and space relevant to guests like large families vacationing together etc. Again, like hotels, serviced apartments can be listed in top hotel / accommodation searching platforms and can also be rated in terms of stars.

Everything that serviced apartments inherently offer

Because they are apartments per se, they come with more than just a room and wash area. In a serviced apartment you can expect one / two bedrooms (if not more), living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, balconies and even study rooms for that matter. This gives you ample room to stretch out your legs and experience uncompromised comfort.

Secondly, they are fully furnished with everything from beds, side tables and study tables to sofas / couches / arm chairs in the living room, cabinets, dining arrangements, lounging chairs, carpets etc.

Thirdly, top service apartments are often equipped to the teeth with latest and the most relevant appliances and equipments. For example,

  • In the bathrooms you can find hair dryers and geysers;
  • in the living room / bedroom you access TV with cable channels;
  • in the kitchen you will find refrigerators, microwaves, cook tops, ovens in the least. Certain top providers offer additional equipments like food processors, mixers etc.
  • as far as laundry is concerned, you can access washing machines and dryers as well.

They do not require any brokerage or deposits

In terms of renting, service apartments are not like regular apartments. They do not call for any kind of brokerage not do they require any deposits. Cost of the accommodation can be based on per night basis or calculated in tune with duration of the stay; something very similar to that of hotels. However, you will have the option of prepaying the entire amount or making a part payment at the time of booking.

You need to be wise while making your payment decision given the fact that cancellation and return policies for different service apartments / properties can be widely different from one another, and some of them may not be very generous or client friendly.

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Quick Checklist Before Moving Into A Serviced Apartment

Quick Checklist Before Moving Into A Serviced Apartment

This blog acts as the perfect guide for all those enthusiasts who to move into a serviced apartment. Read on for some interesting facts!

If you have decided to book a service apartment for a short stay in a city / country instead of a regular hotel, it is perhaps the best decision you have made as far as value for money is concerned. However, given the fact all service apartments are not alike and may vary in terms of quality of property, facilities etc. it is necessary to abide by a comprehensive checklist before checking into the accommodation.

The following checklist can go a very long way in helping you pack better so that you have a great stay experience and do not find yourself lacking in the basics once you have moved into the apartment…

Get a record of all services and charges in mail These days, all bookings of hotels and high quality service apartments are done online. Therefore, if you request information on facilities and tariffs, the providers / realtors are most likely to respond via email. Here, you need to ensure that the main is always handy so that you can fetch it for reference at the time of checking in or settling your bills while checking out. It saves a whole lot of hassles and miscommunications later.

Always check apartment facilities thoroughly Apartment facilities basically include everything tangible that comes with the apartment to make your stay infallibly comfortable. This basically includes…

  • Complete / partly furnished – Here, you need to find out about the furniture that the apartment offers to guests like beds, sofas, couches, arm chairs, dining tables / chairs, coffee tables, study tables etc. Say for example, if you have booked the apartment for official work and it lacks a proper study desk, you may be inconvenienced.
  • Fully / partly functional kitchens – Here, you need to ascertain if the kitchen is equipped with cook tops, ovens, microwave ovens, crockery, cutlery, refrigerators etc that can help you cook home food and store is properly as well.
  • Laundry facilities – Many serviced apartments do not include laundry appliances in their package while there are many that do. Here, you need to find out if laundry facilities are included in the tariff or you need to personalize the package with higher tariffs for the same.
  • Maintenance services – This refers to cleaning and necessary repairs that the apartment will require through your stay from time to time. Serviced apartments from top realtors usually come with on call maintenance services. However, you need to find out which maintenance aspects come with the package and which you need to pay for additionally.

Lastly, if you are booking service apartments in a different nation, you have to ensure carrying the right papers / documents and keep it safely. You will also need to choose the location of your service apartment wisely so that you are close to your intended destinations.

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