Three Easy Ways You Can Save Your Business Travel Cost

Three Easy Ways You Can Save Your Business Travel Cost

Nowadays, serviced apartments are becoming more popular and preferred staying options amid many business travelers. This is for the reason that they provide them more space, solitude, and fully outfitted kitchen with laundry facilities, besides other facilities similar to those of their home. Moreover, they are considered the most affordable option when compared to staying in hotels. They are particularly suitable and lucrative accommodations for corporate executives who are traveling on work and want to cut down their lodging costs. This makes these apartments the best option for them for both of their short-term, as well as for their long-term stays.

If you are one among them, you will be capable of saving your traveling costs in many ways. Here are the ways through which you can achieve a considerable saving.

  1. You Can Save Your Establishment Cost

As any serviced apartment will be equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, it will offer you the option to prepare your own food and then consume it comfortably sitting at the dining table. With a completely prepared kitchen, you do not need to go out every time you want your food to eat. This will not only save much of your money spending on paying restaurant bills. It will also allow you to save money on your traveling costs. You will easily be capable of saving a minimum of 50% of your travel food bills.

  1. You Can Save Your Daily Commute Cost

Most of the serviced apartments will be situated at the heart of the cities. This will give you easy and quick access to travel to any area of the city without spending much of your money on traveling. As a business traveler, you may need to tour a lot inside a city because of business meetings, so a serviced apartment can aid you considerably in lessening your traveling expenses.

  1. You Can Save Much When You Stay For A Longer Period

Most serviced apartments will come with a feature that will allow you to stay for a longer duration. This means that the longer you stay in these apartments, the lesser will be your lodging costs. Thus, you will be capable of decreasing your accommodation cost. Therefore, if your business tour demands longer stay, then serviced apartments can be the best option to save your money.

Above all, serviced apartments are available in different types. They may be studios, 1 BHK to 5 BHK apartments, holiday rentals villas and vacation homes. Therefore, you do not need to book separate rooms for each member if you are traveling in groups. You can easily share the total lodging expenditure with other members, allowing you to save considerably on lodging cost, besides getting the required comfort.

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Why The New-Age Corporate Travelers Are Picking Serviced Apartments Instead Of Hotels

Why The New-Age Corporate Travelers Are Picking Serviced Apartments Instead Of Hotels

The corporate life may sound all happening and luxurious, but the real picture is somewhat different. Many people of the corporate world found it hard to balance their social and work life and found them in a state of limbo. The long and lonely hotel stays makes the entire affair far worse, giving a new lease of life to service apartment sector. The popularity of serviced apartment over the last few years increased significantly in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and few other metro cities.

While writing the blog, we did a survey of corporate travelers and few of the common mentioned benefits of staying in serviced apartments are as follows:

  • The lack of intimate abode while staying away from home got sorted thanks to the cozy atmosphere in a serviced apartment.
  • We all have gone through those where we craved for home-cooked meals, and none can deliver that apart from these unique home stays.
  • Now, on office trips, we often tend to save up money from the allotted allowance provided from the company. The serviced apartments give a lot of freedom to their residents to save up money regularly thanks to their cook your own meal scheme. The boarders who know their way around the kitchen can cook his meals without having to pay four hundred bucks for two carbide ripped bananas. Some of the apartments even offer grocery services to their clients eliminating the entire process to pick up fresh vegetables and meat from the nearby market. The mentioned method can significantly cut off a lot of daily expense.
  • The small organizations running such home stays often provide their boarder with do your laundry service facility. In this facility, a resident can do all his laundry and daily washing by him and giving another chance to cut off a bit more of the daily expenses.
  • Most of the serviced apartments in these leading metro cities come with more than one bed giving the opportunity to each resident to share their room with another person, cutting the entire expenses into half. Moreover, staying with a friend away from home will not only be a lot more fun but the probability of feeling lonely significantly gets reduced. It is advisable to all our new age corporate travelers to pick home stay or serviced apartments and make your stay worth remembering and pocket friendly.

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The Reasons Why Service Apartments Are Attracting Huge Travelers In All The Cities

The Reasons Why Service Apartments Are Attracting Huge Travelers In All The Cities

With the flow of time, the demands of individuals are getting modified. Individuals keep searching for choices which are more adaptations, even in the matter of travel accommodation.  The limited services that the hotels provide do not feed all requirements of the tourists which allow to search of considerable choices.

Nowadays all the metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai the Service apartments  are in huge demand with respect to long as well as temporary stays.

Service apartments particularly talk about residential spaces which are available as completely equipped with exclusive features, and are made accessible for short or long stays.  The spaces may differ from studio apartments to four bedroom apartments. In fact, an individual can explore conveniences like completely furnished kitchens and housekeeping services.

This section of residential properties is in high demand among young professionals and incessant travelers.  The appealing aspect of serviced apartment is that they maintain the accurate balance between hotels and rented spaces. Tourists can experience all the coziness of a home.

The Following Are The Reasons Why Service Apartments Are Considerable Investments:

Dissimilar to standard apartments, service apartments are constructed to provide accommodation to more number of individuals and quite complacently too. For this reason, they are accessible with compelling built-in space and place for storage. So, if one wants to keep his or her place all systemized and clean, these apartments ensure that his or her acumen will remain unhurt.

One of the principal features that provide service apartments dominance over hotels is the accessibility of privacy. Once one has booked a service apartment he or she can do whatever he or she wants and at any time he or she likes.

One can relish in the privacy of his or her own space, which is an excellent feature of these apartments.

Facility is a cardinal aspect that provides service apartments an advantage over hotels. These apartments furnish various conveniences involving kitchen appliances, refrigerator, washing machine etc.

At the same time, one needs not bother about its care and maintenance either, as they offer efficient housekeeping services.

Apart from all these, these service apartments are secure also. They have experts, 24*7 security guards and CCTV cameras to assure the security of their boarder.

All that space and facilities most certain boost one’s sense of complacent too. The residents get to stay comfortably, using all the amenities without having to be accountable for the upkeep of the property.

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Top 10 Famous Places To Visit In Kolkata

Top 10 Famous Places To Visit In Kolkata

People love to visit various tourist destinations. The visitors of Kolkata can get spell bound after having a look at the top 10 places within the city.

Kolkata, The city of Joy is known for being a wonderful tourist place. It is situated in the eastern banks of Hoogly River. The city is also known for its rich culture as well as heritage.  We are now going to discuss various exciting tourist destinations within the city.

Top tourist destination in Kolkata

  1. Indian Museum

This is one of the oldest museums located in Esplanade which was established in early 19th century. You can find the mummies, art facts as well as paintings.

Indian Museum Kolkata

  1. Birla Planetarium

Kids have fascination about various facts on space. The astronomical facts are explained and showed over here.

Image result for birla planetarium

  1. Eden Gardens

This is one of the famous places in Kolkata which is nationally as well as internationally recognized for the cricket tournaments. This cricket colosseum is iconic place.

Eden Gardens Kolkata

  1. Dakhineswar Kali temple

This is one of the oldest as well as famous temples within the city of Kolkata. The ferocious goddess of Hindus, Kali holds her place within this temple. Tourists from various parst of the nation visit here.

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral

This was rebuilt in 20th century with the style of IndoGothic architecture. This represents the symbol of Christianity within the city of Joy.

St Paul’s Cathedral

  1. Howrah Bridge

This is one of the historical bridges which have earned its name through various movie shootings. Also, it is known as the 6th largest bridge of the world.

Howrah Bridge

  1. Victoria Memorial

This is the tourist spot that has the memory of Queen Victoria. The architecture built by the name of the British Queen includes various antique pieces and the art facts.

Victoria Memorial

  1. Kolkata Race course

The horse race is one of the popular sport throughout the Globe. This is the race course for that purpose where the first horse race in India was conducted.

Kolkata Race Course

  1. Fort William

This structure was built in the victory of Sir Robert Clive. The large surrounding around the Fort is known as maidan. Today, we have a metro station in this name.

Fort William

  1. Botanical Garden

If you have the fascination towards the plants, this is the best place to drop in. People can have a view of wide ranges of plants inside the garden.  You can find 1200 species of plants within the area of 109 hectares.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden


The above mentioned places are one of the famous destinations within the city. But, there are many more left in the city of Joy. One can stay any service apartment in Kolkata and easily explore to find more

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Top 3 Important Points to Discuss before Buying a Service Apartment in Kolkata

Top 3 Important Points to Discuss before Buying a Service Apartment in Kolkata

Buying an apartment is not an easy task for anyone. There are people around us, who are searching for a long time to get the desired service apartment in Kolkata. Though there are many alluring options, designed with modern amenities, investing in the right one makes people confused. Here are some essential things that will make your selection process easy, read on this blog post to know the essential points—

Expand Your Searching:

Your searching should not start and end finish with Google. You have to search on other platforms, like- newspapers, television advertisement, banner, flyer, recommendations from your associations, real estate agencies’ apps or portals. To be frank, you cannot avoid a single source if you are looking for the best in the city. Consider these mentioned options, and take some time out, visit the options, research a lot, discuss about the property with others, before buying.

Search For A Reliable Real Estate Agency:

The easiest way to find your home is by maintaining regular contact with brokers and real estate agencies. As it is their job to keep details of various accommodation options available in the city, there is a golden chance that they may have a suitable option for you. Therefore, find a reliable real estate agency near you and let them know your requirement. After discussing your requirement with the team, you can expect a good result within a few days. Though most of the real estate agencies can provide you with multiple service apartment options, which are suitable for your requirement, checking the place and the property is your province.

Finding The Right Contact:

It may happen that you have found the right apartment that suits your requirement and you like the location of the property, now you want to visit the site directly to proceed further. There is nothing wrong in it, you should check the property before buying it. In that case, having direct contact with the landlord is the prime thing and trustworthy option for all seekers. Therefore, if your chosen real estate agency is successful in impressing you, then ask them for the original contact of the property owner.

Hope you enjoy the reading. Finding an apartment as your home requires various things to be concerned about. Keep these mentioned factors in your mind while you are searching for the best service apartment.

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Top Four Benefits In Choosing A Service Apartment Instead Of A Hotel Room

Top Four Benefits In Choosing A Service Apartment Instead Of A Hotel Room

There are several reasons for people to stay outside their home city. Perhaps it may be due to a holiday trip or a business tour, or an official tour. Whatever the reasons are, the major expense that involves during the outside stay is lodging, so those who are staying outside will usually have two options. Either they can stay in a hotel or they can opt for some other affordable accommodations. One such budgetary accommodation is a service apartment. Here are the four main benefits of staying in a service apartment.

  1. Abundant Facilities At An Affordable Rent

Even though there are several budget hotels out there, most people prefer to stay in these apartments, as they consider it is the most affordable as well as a convenient option. This is for the reason that most such apartments will be well furnished with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other basic amenities. Moreover, the rental charge of these apartments will be far lesser than that of a room in hotels with the same amenities.

  1. Relaxed Family Holidays

Sometimes, traveling with the family can be a worrying experience, but with the correct services, you will be capable of taking the hassle beyond family holidays. Serviced apartments will offer you abundant space to shun that claustrophobic mood of having the children in the same room as yourself. You will have private access, as well, to modern entertainment systems, such as DVD players, big TVs, and internet. This makes serviced apartments an outstanding option rather than choosing a budget hotel.

  1. Cost Efficient

If you are budget conscious, you have no need to downgrade to budget hotels to make your tour affordable. Serviced apartments are designed to provide you with luxury lodging without the heavy price tag of hotels. You will not only have stylish and comfortable lodgings at a reasonable price, but you will also be capable of saving your money by cooking your entire food items in the kitchenette and storing provisions in the fridge of the apartment, which cannot be achieved by staying in budget hotels. Cutting down or eliminating the money spending on outside foods you eat will make a vast difference to your holiday financial plan.

  1. You Will Feel As If You Are In Your Own Home

Service apartments are the best option for staying for the reason that they will make you feel as though you are in your home. This means that they will not offer you the ‘house away from house’ feeling. In place of a cold, aloof room of a budget hotel, you will have a big compliant space with a relaxed ambiance and comfortable furniture. You will never feel a sense of being regretful if you stay in a service apartment. Instead, you will feel relaxed and stress-free, which will give you extra time to enjoy your holiday trip.

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Save Money By Staying At Service Apartments During Your Corporate Visits

Save Money By Staying At Service Apartments During Your Corporate Visits

For business travels or corporate visits, switching to the saving mode gets easy when you stay at service apartments. Find out more by reading this blog.

While the need of travelling becomes more when you are in the corporate sector, you also long for home like comfort away from home, don’t you? Worry not, a number of organisations have come up with service apartments in India and they are the best for corporate travellers who are made to go on business trips too often. Staying in these apartments offer privacy in cosy apartments, and also sort you out with home cooked meals.  You can use the entire apartment according to your own wishes, from sleeping to working to partying, the choice is yours, that too without burning hole in your pocket.  This way, you get the desired amenity and service you would be needing for a comfortable stay.

Here are few ways to save money while you stay at service apartments during business trips.

  • Prepare Own Meal

You get the utmost freedom to enjoy home cooked meal, and stay away from junk food without giving up on your health or dietary restrictions.  The service apartments have fully-furnished kitchens and most of them also offer grocery shopping services. Thus, you can just get your groceries and cook your own meals that save money also.

  • Your Own Laundry

From being equipped with washing machines to offering laundry services, the service apartments lets you do your own laundry and thus you can stay relaxed.

  • Share Expenses And Accommodation

You won’t have any restriction when it comes to room occupancy which is a great problem when you put up in hotels.   Thus, you can stay in a group and share the rooms with co-travellers or colleagues who in turn split all the expenses and also save money easily.

Thus, instead of spending money in hotels for business stays, time to cut your expenses, yet enjoy home like freedom, privacy, comfort and food at the best service apartments.

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4 Points To Keep In Mind Before You Hastily Book A Hotel For Your Dream Holiday

4 Points To Keep In Mind Before You Hastily Book A Hotel For Your Dream Holiday

The increasing trend of going online for everything has several negative impacts on the service we get for the price that we pay. We often tend to ignore the reviews written by certified users and end up making a fool out of ourselves.

Now, when we order some electronic gadget or some outfits, we can compromise with what we got, but how can compromise with a poor quality rented apartment booked online? Now, imagine yourself in a situation where you planned your dream trip to the Bahamas but ended up booking a sub-par hotel at a premium price. We do not want our readers to end up in such a poor situation; this is our attempt to make the lives of our readers a bit easier.

  • Reality Check: We often come across official websites of leading hotels where they promise many facilities at a very reasonable price, but being a first-time visitor how can you know that they do provide what they promise? The best solution one can find is by looking through the reviews written by the previous visitors.
  • At Tempting And Testing Times: If you are one of those frequent travelers, an advert may appear on your internet browser portraying some beautiful hotel rooms and services at an unrealistic price. The basic human instinct will be to instantly book the place without giving much though. We advise our readers to never hastily take any decision, instead check for the last certified review on the official website. In case the date of the last review is more than six months old, steer clear of that place.
  • Getting To Know The Management: While going through the review section one any official website, a lot can be said about the quality of the management in place at the particular hotel. We often find many customers a bit outspoken and often pass lewd or unparliamentarily words while reviewing, the reply to such comments on behalf of the management speaks a lot about the professionalism of the staffs in place.
  • Discover Trends: As the famous saying goes- “Everywhere there is a hidden surprise for you.” This particular quite perfectly sums everything comment section offers while booking a place for your stay. While going through the comment section, we often get suggestion from the previous visitors about some alternative and why they are better than the one you are looking for. The reviews written by them talk about their stay and how their suggestive option is better than the one you initially decided to book.

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Service Apartments are Taking Over Hospitality Industry – How?

Service Apartments are Taking Over Hospitality Industry – How?

Hostels, hotels and different kinds of home-stays are essential elements of hospitality industry. They incorporate new elements in their business to stand out from others. Serviced apartments, though a later addition to the industry, yet have achieved remarkable popularity worldwide. Despite the hotels making new offerings every time, these apartments have become a preferred choice among hospitality establishments. Why are they so successful? Well, there are many reasons behind this.

Lets us find out why serviced apartments are exceeding hospitality industry…


Services are the prime factor that has made these special home-stays so much popular. These are the latest addition to hospitality industry. When there was no other mode of accommodation, hotels were the only option. Congested rooms at expensive price or a complete home with all amenities and working environment and that too at reasonable rate – which one will you prefer? Certainly the second one! These apartments offer an ambiance of virtual office. Wherever you stay in serviced apartments, you have an address of your own, a place to work on your own and moreover, a place which you can call your home.


These home-stays offer freedom and flexibility for which people call them their second home. now, you cannot always have luxury with comfort. Even if you stay at a pricey hotel with all modern amenities, you have to live in a structured manner. Organizing informal event, inviting guests or meeting people might not be possible in a hotel. On the contrary, if you have a temporary home, you can invite guests without any restrictions.


Business travelers are the first to use serviced apartments. Corporate travelers are the chief elements behind the success of serviced apartments. With increasing volume of corporate travels, demand of these accommodations is also increasing and they are frequently visited by customers. In temporary accommodations, people find everything under the same roof.


Dynamic market scenario and lifestyles of modern era, has given rise to nomadic working style. Serviced apartments complement this nomadic working culture. They provide a wonderful balance between life and work, where people can become more productive in today’s vibrant environment and also increase sociability by meeting people. Everything is feasible in such apartments.

Serviced apartments have become quite popular these days because of diverse needs of customers from diverse backgrounds. In a very short time, they seem to supersede hotels and are becoming a perfect alternative accommodation in the hospitality industry.

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The Emergence Of Serviced Apartment May Finally Put End To The Woes Of Frequent Traveler

The Emergence Of Serviced Apartment May Finally Put End To The Woes Of Frequent Traveler

The woes of staying in a hotel room may finally come to an end with the emergence of serviced apartments in the city. This is a piece of welcoming news for frequent travelers who hate to stay in hotel rooms and the associated problems which arise while staying in such a place. Many people who are choosy in their life often hope from one hotel to another until they find that ideal place to cave in.

The emergence of the serviced apartment may put an end to the life of a nomad and made finding quality accommodations easier. A person who is not a frequent traveler may find it hard to understand the difference between a hotel room and a serviced apartment. In this blog, we will try to talk about all the points which make stay in a maintained apartment way better than living in a hotel room.

  • A serviced apartment is a crossover between a hotel room and your home. Imagine facilities such as Housekeeping, Laundry, Cooked Meals, Free wifi, free parking along with privacy, at the comfort of your home. When you decide to book a serviced apartment, you find the key to avoiding awkward encounters with strangers outside your doors to avoiding chaotic noise coming from the corridor or noisy neighbors making quirky sounds in the middle of the night.
  • This is what serviced apartment is; it combines the goodness of hotel minus the flaws of living in a hotel. It brings the best of both the world and gifts you the comfort of home in spite of living away from it for the period.
  • The benefits of living in serviced rooms we have already mentioned but if you still have any doubts regarding picking serviced apartment over hotel rooms here are few other points.
  • If you plan for a short trip meant for business or an extended holiday trip with your family, the serviced apartment can accommodate. The uniformity in the service is another factor provided by them which hotel fails to deliver. In serviced apartments are of the same type, making it very easy for the guest to enjoy his stay.
  • Depending on the purpose of the visit, one can pick a serviced apartment in the middle of nowhere or pick one located in the center of a hustling bustling city. The hotel service fails to deliver this particular service as most of the hotels located in the center of the town.

Serviced apartments or in general term furnished flats is one which is in great demand these days. Hope this piece of information from this blog will help you settle with one!!

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