Service Apartment In Kolkata

Quick Checklist Before Moving Into A Serviced Apartment

This blog acts as the perfect guide for all those enthusiasts who to move into a serviced apartment. Read on for some interesting facts!

If you have decided to book a service apartment for a short stay in a city / country instead of a regular hotel, it is perhaps the best decision you have made as far as value for money is concerned. However, given the fact all service apartments are not alike and may vary in terms of quality of property, facilities etc. it is necessary to abide by a comprehensive checklist before checking into the accommodation.

The following checklist can go a very long way in helping you pack better so that you have a great stay experience and do not find yourself lacking in the basics once you have moved into the apartment…

Get a record of all services and charges in mail These days, all bookings of hotels and high quality service apartments are done online. Therefore, if you request information on facilities and tariffs, the providers / realtors are most likely to respond via email. Here, you need to ensure that the main is always handy so that you can fetch it for reference at the time of checking in or settling your bills while checking out. It saves a whole lot of hassles and miscommunications later.

Always check apartment facilities thoroughly Apartment facilities basically include everything tangible that comes with the apartment to make your stay infallibly comfortable. This basically includes…

  • Complete / partly furnished – Here, you need to find out about the furniture that the apartment offers to guests like beds, sofas, couches, arm chairs, dining tables / chairs, coffee tables, study tables etc. Say for example, if you have booked the apartment for official work and it lacks a proper study desk, you may be inconvenienced.
  • Fully / partly functional kitchens – Here, you need to ascertain if the kitchen is equipped with cook tops, ovens, microwave ovens, crockery, cutlery, refrigerators etc that can help you cook home food and store is properly as well.
  • Laundry facilities – Many serviced apartments do not include laundry appliances in their package while there are many that do. Here, you need to find out if laundry facilities are included in the tariff or you need to personalize the package with higher tariffs for the same.
  • Maintenance services – This refers to cleaning and necessary repairs that the apartment will require through your stay from time to time. Serviced apartments from top realtors usually come with on call maintenance services. However, you need to find out which maintenance aspects come with the package and which you need to pay for additionally.

Lastly, if you are booking service apartments in a different nation, you have to ensure carrying the right papers / documents and keep it safely. You will also need to choose the location of your service apartment wisely so that you are close to your intended destinations.

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