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Service Apartments are Taking Over Hospitality Industry – How?

Hostels, hotels and different kinds of home-stays are essential elements of hospitality industry. They incorporate new elements in their business to stand out from others. Serviced apartments, though a later addition to the industry, yet have achieved remarkable popularity worldwide. Despite the hotels making new offerings every time, these apartments have become a preferred choice among hospitality establishments. Why are they so successful? Well, there are many reasons behind this.

Lets us find out why serviced apartments are exceeding hospitality industry…


Services are the prime factor that has made these special home-stays so much popular. These are the latest addition to hospitality industry. When there was no other mode of accommodation, hotels were the only option. Congested rooms at expensive price or a complete home with all amenities and working environment and that too at reasonable rate – which one will you prefer? Certainly the second one! These apartments offer an ambiance of virtual office. Wherever you stay in serviced apartments, you have an address of your own, a place to work on your own and moreover, a place which you can call your home.


These home-stays offer freedom and flexibility for which people call them their second home. now, you cannot always have luxury with comfort. Even if you stay at a pricey hotel with all modern amenities, you have to live in a structured manner. Organizing informal event, inviting guests or meeting people might not be possible in a hotel. On the contrary, if you have a temporary home, you can invite guests without any restrictions.


Business travelers are the first to use serviced apartments. Corporate travelers are the chief elements behind the success of serviced apartments. With increasing volume of corporate travels, demand of these accommodations is also increasing and they are frequently visited by customers. In temporary accommodations, people find everything under the same roof.


Dynamic market scenario and lifestyles of modern era, has given rise to nomadic working style. Serviced apartments complement this nomadic working culture. They provide a wonderful balance between life and work, where people can become more productive in today’s vibrant environment and also increase sociability by meeting people. Everything is feasible in such apartments.

Serviced apartments have become quite popular these days because of diverse needs of customers from diverse backgrounds. In a very short time, they seem to supersede hotels and are becoming a perfect alternative accommodation in the hospitality industry.

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