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Top 10 Famous Places To Visit In Kolkata

People love to visit various tourist destinations. The visitors of Kolkata can get spell bound after having a look at the top 10 places within the city.

Kolkata, The city of Joy is known for being a wonderful tourist place. It is situated in the eastern banks of Hoogly River. The city is also known for its rich culture as well as heritage.  We are now going to discuss various exciting tourist destinations within the city.

Top tourist destination in Kolkata

  1. Indian Museum

This is one of the oldest museums located in Esplanade which was established in early 19th century. You can find the mummies, art facts as well as paintings.

Indian Museum Kolkata

  1. Birla Planetarium

Kids have fascination about various facts on space. The astronomical facts are explained and showed over here.

Image result for birla planetarium

  1. Eden Gardens

This is one of the famous places in Kolkata which is nationally as well as internationally recognized for the cricket tournaments. This cricket colosseum is iconic place.

Eden Gardens Kolkata

  1. Dakhineswar Kali temple

This is one of the oldest as well as famous temples within the city of Kolkata. The ferocious goddess of Hindus, Kali holds her place within this temple. Tourists from various parst of the nation visit here.

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral

This was rebuilt in 20th century with the style of IndoGothic architecture. This represents the symbol of Christianity within the city of Joy.

St Paul’s Cathedral

  1. Howrah Bridge

This is one of the historical bridges which have earned its name through various movie shootings. Also, it is known as the 6th largest bridge of the world.

Howrah Bridge

  1. Victoria Memorial

This is the tourist spot that has the memory of Queen Victoria. The architecture built by the name of the British Queen includes various antique pieces and the art facts.

Victoria Memorial

  1. Kolkata Race course

The horse race is one of the popular sport throughout the Globe. This is the race course for that purpose where the first horse race in India was conducted.

Kolkata Race Course

  1. Fort William

This structure was built in the victory of Sir Robert Clive. The large surrounding around the Fort is known as maidan. Today, we have a metro station in this name.

Fort William

  1. Botanical Garden

If you have the fascination towards the plants, this is the best place to drop in. People can have a view of wide ranges of plants inside the garden.  You can find 1200 species of plants within the area of 109 hectares.

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden


The above mentioned places are one of the famous destinations within the city. But, there are many more left in the city of Joy. One can stay any service apartment in Kolkata and easily explore to find more

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