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Why The New-Age Corporate Travelers Are Picking Serviced Apartments Instead Of Hotels

The corporate life may sound all happening and luxurious, but the real picture is somewhat different. Many people of the corporate world found it hard to balance their social and work life and found them in a state of limbo. The long and lonely hotel stays makes the entire affair far worse, giving a new lease of life to service apartment sector. The popularity of serviced apartment over the last few years increased significantly in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and few other metro cities.

While writing the blog, we did a survey of corporate travelers and few of the common mentioned benefits of staying in serviced apartments are as follows:

  • The lack of intimate abode while staying away from home got sorted thanks to the cozy atmosphere in a serviced apartment.
  • We all have gone through those where we craved for home-cooked meals, and none can deliver that apart from these unique home stays.
  • Now, on office trips, we often tend to save up money from the allotted allowance provided from the company. The serviced apartments give a lot of freedom to their residents to save up money regularly thanks to their cook your own meal scheme. The boarders who know their way around the kitchen can cook his meals without having to pay four hundred bucks for two carbide ripped bananas. Some of the apartments even offer grocery services to their clients eliminating the entire process to pick up fresh vegetables and meat from the nearby market. The mentioned method can significantly cut off a lot of daily expense.
  • The small organizations running such home stays often provide their boarder with do your laundry service facility. In this facility, a resident can do all his laundry and daily washing by him and giving another chance to cut off a bit more of the daily expenses.
  • Most of the serviced apartments in these leading metro cities come with more than one bed giving the opportunity to each resident to share their room with another person, cutting the entire expenses into half. Moreover, staying with a friend away from home will not only be a lot more fun but the probability of feeling lonely significantly gets reduced. It is advisable to all our new age corporate travelers to pick home stay or serviced apartments and make your stay worth remembering and pocket friendly.

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